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Head of Marketing, Excel Esports

1. How did you get your first opportunity in sport?

My passion for sport was bigger than my passion for marketing from a young age, but through my university degree, I realised I enjoyed marketing too, which is what prompted me to apply for my first role at Perform (Now Stats Perform). I didn’t know much about the company at that stage, but I was lucky enough to get offered a role before I finished my exams, so I was extremely fortunate to walk into a huge organisation within the industry right at the start of my career. I then got the opportunity to work over in the Australia office as the only marketeer, which propelled my responsibility quickly. 

2. What is the best sporting event you’ve ever attended?

I’m a Preston North End fan, so it has to be their play-off final win against Swindon Town at Wembley in 2015. The first goal came in the first 15 minutes and we just celebrated from then until the end of the game. It was a 4-0 thrashing in the end. 

3. Who has been the biggest influence on your career?

My old boss Laura McQueen who was the MD at my old employer, Leaders in Sport. She was the Head of Marketing before I was, and she was a huge influence on my career, not just on a personal level in terms of support and advice, but also on an inspirational level in terms of where she felt I could be and what I could achieve. Leaders was a really important time for me in my career and taught me so much about the sports industry. I’d been with them for five years and seen them grow from an organisation with less than 20 people and two main events throughout the year, to ten times as many events and products, and 50+ people working for them. They were, and continue to be, so innovative in that space.

4. I’m a big brand with a hefty sponsorship budget – what sport or event should I invest in?

If they want a young audience there is no two ways about it… esports! More specifically the biggest, boldest British esports team, Excel! 

5. Who are three sports industry contacts you’d invite to your dinner party?

The first would be ex US American football coach, Jill Ellis. She was the person I enjoyed meeting most during my time at Leaders. She’s such a powerful woman yet so down to earth and really enjoyable to talk to – I’d love to meet her again. The second would be either Michael Jordan or Dennis Rodman! I’ve just finished The Last Dance and I want to hear more stories! Finally, David Beckham – do I need to explain? 

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Commercial Director,
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I thought recruitment agencies were all the same but The Executives In Sport Group proved me wrong. They are warm, professional and genuine. They really cared about my needs and what I was looking for. I’m over the moon with my new role.


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