This disruptive sports media streaming company, headquartered in Oslo, Norway, were seeking a Vice President of Sales who would not only lead their sales team but also contribute to their content acquisition strategies. 


In order to build presence in the UK market Joymo sought a leader with a strong network in the sports media industry, expertise in content acquisition dynamics, and the ability to inspire and motivate a team. Competition for top talent in the OTT field is fierce, sports organizations, broadcasters, and content providers are often vying for the same pool of qualified professionals, leading to a talent shortage within the space.  


Our media and broadcast specialist, Tom, was thrilled to take on the challenge. After taking a comprehensive brief with Joymo we created a compelling, on-brand job description, and got to work identifying candidates with the necessary skills. Our research team keep a real-time track of commercial professionals across a range of relevant industries and they quickly delved into the media rights and broadcast data to unearth a brilliant pool of potential hires.



Our agile 8-step talent acquisition plan resulted in the successful placement of Joymo’s Vice President of Sales – Hannah Griffiths. Having previously worked for RDA, a renowned sports media rights agency as Director, Media Rights – working across all aspects of RDA’s media rights business including, global sales, technical delivery, and partnership management with a proven track record in global distribution rights for prestigious events like World Rugby, Premiership Rugby, and Rugby League World Cup. Hannah’s experience is proving invaluable, driving Joymo’s ambitious UK growth plan.   

This case study exemplifies the value of partnering with a specialized sports recruitment agency to headhunt top talent who possess the right skills and expertise.