Intel Sports, a leading provider of cutting-edge sports technology, embarked on a mission to establish a robust presence in the UK and European markets. To accomplish this, they sought a visionary leader with an extensive network within top-tier sports teams and leagues who could drive their TruView technology adoption in the region. 

The challenge was twofold. First, Intel Sports needed a self-driven, proactive Director of Business  Development capable of forging partnerships independently, without the support of a large team. Second, this individual had to be a true “door opener” who possessed a deep understanding of football, particularly its intricacies concerning technology partnerships at the league level. 

Intel Sports turned to our sports technology specialist, Tom, who eagerly accepted the challenge. Tom initiated the process by conducting an in-depth consultation with Intel, gaining a thorough understanding of their requirements and objectives. Together, we crafted a compelling and on-brand job description that would attract the ideal candidate for the role.  

The next step involved an exhaustive search to identify potential candidates with the specific skills and connections necessary for success in this role. Our dedicated research team maintained real-time tracking of commercial professionals across various relevant industries, ensuring that no potential candidate went unnoticed. 

Our comprehensive 8-step talent acquisition plan yielded impressive results. We successfully placed an individual with a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the sports technology landscape. Remarkably, our team had initially connected with this candidate at the Sportel Conference in Monaco, emphasising the importance of cultivating relationships within the industry. 

This strategic talent acquisition not only fulfilled Intel Sports’ immediate needs but also positioned them for sustainable growth and success in the UK and European markets. Through our collaborative efforts, we provided Intel Sports with a forward-thinking leader who possessed the connections and expertise required to navigate the complex landscape of sports technology partnerships, ultimately helping Intel Sports achieve its expansion goals.