Celtic were looking to appoint a new Ticket Office Manager and knew how difficult it can be to attract top ticketing talent in what is one of the most stable roles in sport / venues. They decided to engage our services to ensure they had a comprehensive overview of the market and genuine ‘reach’ for the search.


The club have an extremely busy ticketing operation and required a manager with specific sports industry knowledge so they were used to the regular cadence of game set up, but also the nuances and challenges around matters such as segregation. This meant a more narrow focus to the search because it ruled out potential candidates working, for example, in major music or entertainment venues.

The role also required knowledge of ticketing software platforms, access control, pricing strategies, season ticket management, and matchday operations.



This required proactive networking, leveraging industry connections and we also ran a full advertising campaign across a number of paid sports specific job boards ensuring visibility of the opportunity.

Full screening was conducted around the club’s requirements, this involved in-depth interviews, discreetly peer referencing, and assessing candidates’ relevant experience and expertise. Once a shortlist of qualified candidates was identified, they were presented to the Club for review. We then facilitated the interview and selection process, providing feedback to candidates, and assisting with the negotiation of job offers, to avoid any last minute surprises.



After a thorough assessment and selection process, a Ticket Office Manager was appointed with an impressive football ticketing pedigree.

Recruiting for a key position like a Ticket Office Manager for a prestigious club like Celtic requires a specialized approach. By partnering with a sports-specific headhunter, they were able to tap into our expertise, network, and industry knowledge to identify and hire the right candidate.