Aston Villa Football Club are a founding member of the Football League back in 1888 and have played at Villa Park since 1897. That doesn’t mean they are averse to change though.

During the 2016/17 football season, the club underwent a significant restructure and rebuild programme. This meant they needed to enter a period of rapid scale-up. Recruiting across their whole organisation from entry to senior level roles spanning a whole range of departments and skill sets.

Enter The Executives In Sport Group, stage left.


Using a variety of methods, including executive search, market mapping and making full use of our internal talent database, we set about finding an array of people, across multiple disciplines. We supported Aston Villa in the recruitment of a variety of roles, including everything from Interim Head of HR, 1st Team Performance Analyst to Health & Safety Manager and Head of Sales to IT Manager. We partnered with Aston Villa on a total of fifteen hires across a short period of time.


Despite the size of the challenge, our extensive and in-depth efforts to source the right individuals came to fruition with the successful appointment of people into every role the club needed to fill, and in good time too. The club was happy with the breadth of service we were able to provide.

Whatever the level, whatever the discipline, we were happy that we were able to help such a famous club through a tricky period of recruiting.


A huge help during a period of transition. They recruited 15 key hires in a short period of time across a range of business and performance areas.

Operations Director


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