Our Services

Our mission is to help the world’s best sports and media businesses transform through access to the world’s best talent on a global scale. We also strive to help the world’s best talent find sports organisations where they can genuinely stretch and grow.

Our services ensure our clients have access to the very best emerging talent through to senior leaders and non-executives. We’re proud to be the preferred recruitment partner to many of the world’s leading sports teams, federations, and broadcasters.

SEARCH Executive Search Solutions

Looking to make a critical leadership hire and want access to the very top tier of diverse talent globally?

Feel executive search firms are expensive, take too long, and under-deliver?

We don’t believe you should have to settle for average.

Pro Search is our world-class executive search solution, designed to find the leaders who will make a seismic difference to your culture, deliver your long-term goals and help you win!

We have a 100% search success rate with many of the world’s leading sports companies who use Pro Search to access the world’s best talent, ensure they have exceptional insight on these individuals and ultimately ensure you make the right hiring decision every time!

The service we deliver


    • Executive Search - Our premium solution
    • Target the top 5% of leadership talent
    • Director led 8-10 week search process
    • Benchmark CV @ 10 days

    • Global market map + long listing
    • Job / Person specification designed
    • Identify the very best leaders in sport
    • LiveList Project Tracker
  • In-depth screening

    • Face to face interviews with our Directors
    • Bespoke competency matrix / screening
    • Full behavioural / psychometric profiling
  • Value adds

    • Accelerate Executive Coaching Programme
    • Simple three stage payment model
    • 100% success rate at 12 months

SEARCH Exclusive Contingency Recruitment

Looking to hire the next wave of emerging talent and want to ensure you approach the market with an irresistible proposition?

Are you struggling to identify future leaders?

We understand how hard it is to find emerging talent in sport. You need an eagle-eye on the market. A sixth sense for spotting rare breeds. And the stakes are high – these are the people whose energy and vision can transform your team.

That’s why we created Academy Search. The perfect recruitment solution for entry to mid-level hires. Identifying the very best emerging talent and future leaders and ensuring that they want to join your team!

The service we deliver


    • Search Lite - Comprehensive hiring solution
    • Target future leaders + emerging talent
    • Account Manager led 4-6 week search
    • Benchmark CV within 72 hours

    • Discovery Audit + 30 company search
    • Full database + Network search
    • Social media / Job Board Ad campaign
    • Campaign microsite
  • In-depth screening

    • SportsScreen Video screening
    • LiveList - Branded candidate portal
    • Competency matrix - Unbiased scoring
  • Value adds

    • Talent Vault - 48hr early access
    • Simple two stage payment model
    • 98% success rate at 12 months

ready list Interim / Non Exec / Chair Appointments

Looking for a non-executive director, chair or interim leader?

Do you need a unique blend of experience, contacts and skills for a particular organisational challenge?

SportsReadyList is the definitive ‘Who’s Who’ of leadership talent available for non-exec and interim roles. With profiles pooled in our private online ‘Talent Vault’ this is an enviable resource for teams, federations, rightsholders and broadcasters to tap in to as you look for a wealth of experience to provide leadership, governance, navigate change and drive transformation.

Our Talent Pool includes a diverse range of sports industry and blue chip experts able to take on short term tactical projects and long term strategic NED roles across such areas as corporate governance, digital disruption, commercial, marketing, finance and legal.

The service we deliver

  • Overview

    • Diverse and global pool of NED talent
    • Exceptional Interims able to deliver key projects at pace
    • Access our private Talent Vault profiling NEDs
  • What we offer

    • NED / Chair recruitment
    • Interim project based recruitment
    • Board succession planning
    • Board Effectiveness consultancy

Total talent
management Our Ultimate Talent Solution

Are you under pressure to find and secure the talent you need to fill your most important roles?

Does your internal talent team need help solving their toughest hiring challenges?

Total Talent Management is our agile recruitment solution for businesses who need to recruit, in volume, across many business areas. Working in close and collaborative fashion, as an extension of your HR / Talent team, we provide an on site presence and help drive down agency spend, access our world class pool of talent and significantly reduce your time to hire.

With industry leading retention levels at 12 months, we’re here to support and drive your business forward building teams, not just filling vacancies.

The service we deliver


    • Total Talent Management - A true partnership
    • Helping internal talent and HR teams access the best talent & make the best hiring decisions
    • Embedded expert Consultant, including on site presence
    • Tried & tested by global sports organisations including Premier League football teams
  • Features

    • Innovative sales & marketing approach to talent ID
    • Pro active talent identification - Not just posting adverts and screening response!
    • Campaign microsites that drive applications & build employer brand awareness
    • Exclusive access to our Talent Vault of unique passive candidates
  • Benefits

    • Innovative sales & marketing approach to talent ID
    • Pro active talent identification - Not just posting adverts and screening response!
    • Campaign microsites that drive applications & build employer brand awareness
    • Exclusive access to our Talent Vault of unique passive candidates