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We’ve developed our Client Charter as an integral part of our commitment to service excellence, and to you as our valued client. We feel that it is vitally important that you are aware of the service levels that you should expect from The Executives In Sport Group.

We seek at all times to afford our clients the utmost respect, and therefore you should expect from us the following commitments:

  • Act swiftly and professionally in response to your requests and instructions

  • At all times be open, honest, act with integrity, and fulfil our commitments

  • Take the time to understand your business, your culture, and your need

  • Tailor our service and adapt our approach to align with your requirements

  • Acting as your ambassador, represent your business in a positive and professional manner

  • Be fully accountable for our actions and conduct at all times

  • Set realistic expectations but with the endeavour to exceed them

  • Respect and observe the highest levels of confidentiality

  • Provide informed and impartial advice at all times

  • Identify and submit the most talented individuals appropriate for the role

  • To only present candidates who have been fully screened in advance in order to closely match the defined skills, experience and personal qualities required

  • Ensure that each candidate is fully briefed on your vacancy, gaining their consent to submit their details

  • Always seek your detailed feedback on candidates we present to you

  • Seek post interview feedback from candidates and present such feedback within 24 hours of it being received

  • Carry out thorough pre-placement due diligence and reference taking

  • Undertake personality profiling and assessment as required

  • Integral to our account management protocols, we will always provide two points of contact

  • Keep you fully informed throughout the recruitment process

  • Provide market insight, benchmarking, and on-going support as required

  • Never solicit a candidate that we have placed with you

  • Demonstrate a dedication to best practice and a commitment to continuous improvement of our services

  • Adhere to the highest standards of communication, being prompt, professional and efficient at all times

  • We abide by the REC Code of Conduct, comply with Data Protection and Privacy requirements, and keep up to date with all relevant employment legislation

  • Adhere fully to Gender, Race and Disability Discrimination standards and respect diversity


We have developed our Candidate Charter as an integral part of our commitment to service excellence, and to you as our valued candidate.

We feel that it is vitally important that you are aware of the service levels that you should expect from The Executives In Sport Group.

We seek at all times to afford our candidates the utmost respect, and therefore you should expect from us the following commitments:

  • That we will observe total confidentiality at all times

  • That we will act with honesty, discretion and integrity at all times

  • That we take the time to listen to your requirements and career aspirations

  • That we provide a pro-active, personalised and targeted approach to your job search

  • That you will receive a swift, timely and honest response to your application

  • That we will represent you in the most productive manner, with our actions driven towards helping you to secure a suitable role

  • That we will always seek your permission, prior to putting your details forward to a client

  • That you will always know the company and the precise role for which we are submitting your details

  • That we will always provide a full role description, profile, skills requirements, salary and location

  • That we will provide a full pre-interview advice service ahead of any interview, specific to the role you have applied for

  • That we will co-ordinate communication and interviews between yourself and our clients in a timely and professional manner

  • That we will give you personalised and constructive feedback within 24 hours of receiving feedback from the client

  • That throughout the recruitment process we will build a relationship founded on trust

  • That we will remain in touch with you, once in post, to ensure a smooth on-boarding process and to ensure that the role and company meet your expectations

  • That we will maintain regular contact and always be available to provide career advice and support as a member of the EISG alumni



Register your CV and we will begin work on putting you forward for your new career.



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