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Executive Search

It’s a results driven business, and we aim to keep on winning

When it comes to Executive Search, recruiters are judged purely on their ability to provide best in class insight, source exceptional talent and make the very best hiring decisions time after time. And so they should be. After all, recruiting leaders into a business is a significant investment. Fortunately, here at Executives in Sport Group, we’re recognised for our ability to secure the very best talent for sporting organisations, having placed many leaders and visionaries, both from within sport and from the wider business world.

We’ve undertaken executive search assignments for senior and board level appointments for many big names in the sporting field. Indeed, delighted clients we continue to work with include Liverpool Football Club, The Goodwood Group, British Cycling and The City Football Group, to name but a few. Put simply, our contacts in sport are unrivalled and our reach truly global, while our results speak for themselves.

So, what can you expect when you partner with us on an Executive Search assignment? Accessibility and accountability at all times are just two of the vital components. Here are some more cornerstones of our Executive Search process:

we'll take a proper brief

A great executive search process always starts with a thorough brief in order to gain an intricate understanding of your opportunity, the challenges inherent within it and a feel for your culture and environment. Bringing our extensive market knowledge to the process, we’ll challenge your thinking, provide market leading insight on salary benchmarking and talent availability and work with you to develop a detailed brief and person specification. 



We quickly identify the very best talent

Talent identification doesn’t just start when we take a brief. We’ve been on the look out for world-class talent for years. Indeed, we’re always engaging with the very best individuals in sport, and beyond, so we’re on the front foot from the moment we take your call. It also means that rather than starting a search with a blank piece of paper, our superb network of talent can quickly be mobilised. We can also call upon leading sports industry figures to give their view on an assignment when appropriate, plus we constantly monitor all interactions within our database, which is continually growing, with an average of 200 new candidates approaching us each week.

we approach candidates discreetly and on brand

Being used to making discreet approaches to senior talent within sport, it's fair to say that our reach has no boundaries and that each individual we approach represents a marketing opportunity for your brand. The initial briefing meeting where we ask lots of questions about your culture and future plans really comes to the fore here, as we’re able to bring your organisation and brand to life, as if we were one of your employees.

Discretion is guaranteed and, because our team have a wealth of experience engaging with senior talent, we make sure we ‘sell’ your opportunity as a compelling proposition and make the entire recruitment experience enjoyable and professional for the candidate.



We'll provide superior screening and industry insight

Our commitment to our clients is not only to bring the very best talent to market, but to provide industry leading insight on such individuals. Accordingly, we’ve developed a rigorous screening and selection process for the sports industry. Indeed, it’s a crucial part of our intellectual property.

We’ll bring each candidate’s application to life

Every executive search we carry out is delivered in person and supported with an online client portal that ensures we blend traditional recruitment techniques with highly interactive methods to bring each candidate’s application to life. Adopting an analytical approach to reviewing skills and experience, together with a synthetic approach to establishing cultural fit, you’ll be provided with a full report on each applicant’s suitability, personality profile, detailed references, and a video profile where appropriate - all viewable on mobile and PC.



We help you interview

Because we work so closely with our clients on senior search assignments, we are regularly asked to sit in on and even run the interview process. And, where an assignment requires niche technical expertise, perhaps for a Sporting Director or technical role, we can provide a technical consultant to devise the interview structure and analyse the whole process. 

We’ve got onboarding covered too

When we commit to unearthing the very best talent for a client, it’s also crucial that we provide new recruits with the very best environment and opportunity to flourish. What means is, once we’ve secured acceptance of your role, we continue to work closely with you and the successful candidate to provide structured onboarding. This includes introducing them to members of your team in advance of them joining and ensuring they have a true sense of how their future contribution will add to your business. Through this series of simple yet important steps, we’ll ensure everyone who joins you is quickly up to speed with the history of your company and its vision and values and ready to hit the ground running.

We believe in adding value

For a more detailed breakdown of many 'value-add' aspects of the services we provide.


Who We Work With

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It was really painful before you guys came along!

Chief Executive, Football

I thought recruitment agencies were all the same but The Executives In Sport Group proved me wrong. They are warm, professional and genuine. They really cared about my needs and what I was looking for. I’m over the moon with my new role.

Commercial Director, National Governing Body

You’re helping us achieve our ultimate goal. Finding us people who help transform our club and business.

HR Director, Premier League Football Club

The best sports recruitment agency I have dealt with, bar none.

Commercial Director, Premier League Football Club

They’ve given us more presence on the global stage to attract the best talent. That’s priceless in such a competitive world as ours.

Head of HR, Premier League Football Club

Moving jobs can be extremely stressful and confusing but they made the whole process stress-free. The role was a perfect fit, levels of contact were first-class and they kept in touch during my first few months to make sure a smooth transition.

Head of Membership, National Governing Body

They understand the kind of people we need. They mention a few names straight away and have them on the phone later that day. You can’t buy contacts like that.

Managing Director, Sports Sponsorship Consultancy

A recruitment agency that genuinely cares about my career – it’s how recruitment should be done.

Head of Ticketing – Champion’s League Football Club

You’ve added a level of professionalism that I didn’t think was possible from a recruiter.

Head of HR, County Championship Cricket Club

From the first phone call I was amazed by the friendliness and professionalism of the consultant handling the opportunity. Always ready to help, providing consistent feedback at speed, and they got me a great job in the sport I love and played. Thank you.

Commercial Director, Pro14 Rugby Club

Productivity shot up because we could focus on running our club and leave the experts to hire great people. As well as great talent they give us back that most valuable commodity – TIME!

Chief Executive, Pro14 Rugby Club

We have very impromptu demands but they’ve always delivered within our timeline. They know the market and who’s out there, so they suggest possible candidates straight away. They’ve given us some of our best people.

HR Director, Global Sports Broadcaster

I tell all my friends and colleagues in sport about The Executives In Sport Group. They did a brilliant job for me and I feel like I should spread the word! Top class!

Head of Stadium Operations, Premier League Football Club

Executives In Sport Group has the best pool of contacts and talent – it’s a no-brainer for us.

Chief Executive, Championship Football Club

I love my new job! Executives In Sport Group matched both my skills and personality to the right role and company. I never thought I’d find a job I feel so passionately about.

Head of Marketing, Championship Football Club

They just get us. They get our culture and who’s going to thrive in it. I wouldn’t ask anyone else to represent us at the C-Suite level.

Head of People, International Sports Venue

The consultant wasn’t just looking to fill a role in front of him. He really understood what my next move needed to be and helped me think about what I wanted for my career in the long term. I’ve never experienced a recruitment agency like it.

Head of Content, Premier League Football Club