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Linking great organisations with outstanding sports executives.

You need the right people performing the right roles at the right time. For this to happen, you also need the right team of sports recruitment sector specialists on your side to identify and attract the talent who can make a real difference.

That’s where we come in.

As our name suggests, The Executives in Sports Group is a specialist sports search consultancy, operating across the global sporting arena. Since 2012, we have become firmly established as the executive search partner of choice for some of the most recognisable sporting organisations in world sport, including Formula One, UEFA, The Football Association (FA), Liverpool FC, The Jockey Club, England Netball and Goodwood, to name but a few.

The size of your organisation is not important to us. What really matters is understanding your precise requirements and translating that into a tangible executive search service that secures your next, and most important, senior hire.

Hiring success is not measured on simply placing an individual – our nine-step executive search process is centred on the long-term business impact that your new hire will have on the organisation:

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  • “They just get us. They get our culture, and who’s going to thrive in it”
    – Head of People, international sports venue

  • Reimagining your approach to talent management.

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    It all starts with the brief. This is the first and one of the most important stages of the hiring process. No two organisations are the same – the challenges, culture and the people within it are as unique to you as the talent you need to attract. 

    Our role is to get under the skin of your business so that we can truly understand what makes your offering very different to the other organisations that are competing for the same talent. 

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    Sometimes we’ll challenge your assumptions and provide a ‘fresh’ perspective on how you think about your needs and what a ‘great’ candidate looks like. But with a global network of talent at our finger tips and years of experience placing the right people in the right roles, you would expect nothing less from us.

    This part of the process allows us to collaboratively determine the skills, knowledge, experience and skills required to be successful in the role. The information gathered will then form the basis of a customised position and candidate specification, which will shape the search process.

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    Armed with these insights, we will use our extensive industry expertise to customise a search strategy that is specific to the objectives of the brief and the timeframes within which you need to successfully complete the assignment. The approach taken by your search team will involve conducting targeted research into those organisations – both within and outside the sporting arena – that employ the executive talent with the skills and expertise you need.

    We then identify the executives within these organisations who meet your exact requirements and generate a long-list of potential candidates whose profiles will be detailed in a report for your consideration. 

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    Discretion is paramount during this stage of the process. After all, we are serving as brand ambassadors for your organisation and each interaction we have with a prospective candidate is a marketing opportunity for your brand. With your list of preferred candidates determined, your search team will approach each individual to ‘sell’ your opportunity and test their interest in the role. 

    We do this by drawing on our extensive track record of truly understanding how to unearth what motivates candidates. By identifying their needs and aspirations we can then position your role as potentially being the next logical step in their career journey.

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    Speed is of the essence, as great talent does not hand around for too long. That is why we have developed a stringent assessment process that involves competency-based interviews, behavioural assessments and video profiling that is critical to our intellectual property.

    This then enables us to quickly assess candidates on both their past experiences and future potential and highlight those with the leadership expertise and cultural attributes that will be a real asset to your organisation.

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    This will be your first direct interaction with the candidates who best meet your requirements. But our work doesn’t end here. 

    Prior to the interviews, you will be presented with a online briefing document on each individual. This details the results of each assessment they have undertaken during Step 5, their core competencies, personality traits, motivations and a breakdown of their experiences that are aligned to the role. 

    Along with detailed references and a video profile, you can then tailor your interview questions accordingly. This detailed pre-interview approach is aimed at enabling you to make better-informed hiring decisions and reduce the time it takes to successfully fill the role.

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    Regardless of how experienced you are as a hiring manager, interviewing can be a challenging process. This is especially the case for executive positions where the pressure is really on to ensure that the right hire is made. We can help you.

    Each role you recruit for has its own nuances and challenges, and nobody can be expected to know what all of these are. If an assignment demands a certain degree of expertise such as a Sporting Director, for example, we will assign one of our consultants with prior experience in recruiting for such a role who can work with you in devising a bespoke interview structure and analyse the whole process. 

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    With the right person identified, it is essential to move fast to secure their services. We will facilitate the entire process for you, from making the formal offer and overseeing their resignation, to managing any counter offers and finalising the terms and conditions of their compensation and employment contract.

    At this step in the process, your search team will conduct relevant background checks on your behalf, obtain references from external parties and debrief those candidates who weren’t selected for the role.

    This is important not just in terms of it being the right and courteous thing to do, but also because those unsuccessful individuals may be perfect for a future role within your organisation – it helps to boost your employer brand.

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    Our commitment to the hiring process goes above and beyond simply searching, finding and securing the right candidate. It is an ongoing journey that involves fully immersing your new hire into the business.

    After the initial briefing, it is the onboarding process that is the most critical of all the nine steps. We will develop a structured process that includes introducing your new executive hire to their future colleagues prior to joining the organisation, enabling them to better understand the team dynamics and the culture of the organisation. This process is essential in providing your new executive hire with the best possible start.

    Any true partnership approach is based on accessibility and accountability. It is a staple of Executives in Sport Group that has proven time and again to deliver exceptional results for clients. It is the added value that we provide.



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I thought recruitment agencies were all the same but The Executives In Sport Group proved me wrong. They are warm, professional and genuine. They really cared about my needs and what I was looking for. I’m over the moon with my new role.


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