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The difference between a traditional ‘contingency’ recruiter and one that provides an ‘exclusive contingency’ service is often confusing, but it needs to be understood.

‘Contingency’ recruiters will often compete for a role with other agencies and only receive compensation if they successfully fill the role. It is this approach that often leads to the scattergun approach – recruiters bombarding clients with CVs at the risk of a competitor getting ‘in’ there first. 

‘Exclusive contingency’ takes a very different route – one that is relationship-based. This model frees the recruiter from the pressures of other agencies vying for the same talent. In doing so, it affords the recruiter a greater amount of time to perform an in-depth search and delivers higher quality candidates and more impactful results for organisations. 

Our approach

The Executive in Sports Group exclusive contingency service is the perfect solution for organisations looking to secure the next generation of leaders – those who are at the early stages of their careers or in middle management positions.

These are the people who are essential to the long-term prospects of the organisation. The challenge is in identifying those who have the potential to make the greatest contribution and shape the direction of the organisation itself both in the here and now, and in the future.

To get this ‘right’ demands a strategic approach:

  • Helping you to develop your executive talent pool.

  • 01/ SEARCH


    While this may not be a senior executive level role, it is of no less importance to you or us. That’s why we will assign a dedicated Account Director or Senior Researcher to this assignment. They will use proven expertise to search our industry-leading database of national and international candidates from across the sporting industry and go into the market to identify those who best-match the criteria of the role you are hiring for.

  • 02/ ATTRACT


    The difference between a traditional recruiter and one that specialises in the sports industry, is evident with every interaction with a candidate. We ‘get’ the sector because we have operated within it longer than most. Time served alone is not enough of course; rather, the way in which we position your opportunity to potential candidates is the reason why our clients always attract the best talent. It is not simply a case of picking up a phone or drafting a well-crafted email to an individual. We deploy a multi-faceted approach which includes social and digital outreach, referral campaigns and, if needed, strategic recruitment advertising within selective media so as to maximise your reach.

  • 03/ JOURNEY


    The journey from assignment brief to directly approaching potential interviewees takes less than two weeks to complete. Time really is of the essence and we are more than aware that your priority is to reduce both the organisation’s cost per hire and time to hire. Our approach achieves both these objectives. 

  • 04/ INSIGHT


    There is a wealth of talent ‘out there’, and we know how to find it for you. But we need to be selective in who we identify for the role; after all, you’re looking for that certain someone. Not just anyone. 

    We will isolate those candidates with the greatest potential to be successful in the role and then provide you access to our comprehensive toolkit, which involves CV reviews, telephone screening, behavioural profiling, and where relevant Group Assessment Centres. Our bespoke video profiling also provides you with a first-hand insight into the individual’s personality and how they react and respond to questions in a testing environment. 



    The hiring process is an exercise in marketing. A buyer (the employer) is looking to procure the goods and services of a seller (the candidate) – the mediator (the recruiter) is there to facilitate the transaction. An essential part of this process is to check that the candidate’s claims about themselves can be substantiated. We’re great believers in reference-checking before an offer of employment is made. Not only does this accelerate the hiring process itself, it also presents the right impression that the organisation knows that good talent is always in demand and they need to act fast to ensure they don’t lose out to their competition.

  • 06/ CARE


    As they say in football, you are only as good as your last game. It is the same with recruitment, which is why we pride ourselves on producing our best performance with every assignment we work on.

    Each role has its own part to play in your organisation’s team, and the exceptional service we provide for our clients and candidates continues even after the final whistle has blown. Our reputation depends on it.

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Commercial Director,
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I thought recruitment agencies were all the same but The Executives In Sport Group proved me wrong. They are warm, professional and genuine. They really cared about my needs and what I was looking for. I’m over the moon with my new role.


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