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Diversity & Inclusion


A statement from our Managing Director.

Sport has an incredibly disproportionate role to play in creating a diverse, equitable and truly inclusive environment that embraces talent from underrepresented communities.

For the last 5 years, we’ve been working closely on advisory boards and working parties with some of the world’s leading sports organisations and federations to help them shape what a truly inclusive environment looks like and how they can attract and embrace diverse talent, with a key focus on making sure that there is access to opportunity for all.

As our commitment to advancing change and evolution in all forms, we have developed The SportsReadyList which exists to:

- Help sports organisations to understand where they are today when it comes to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

- Navigate their journey to becoming a truly inclusive organisation who will embrace diverse talent

- Build diverse talent pools and pathways from entry level through to the most senior roles and positions within sports organisations

The Executives In Sport Group is committed to driving long-lasting change and continually strengthening our ongoing development, understanding and awareness of key issues – this is unending work that requires us to be a place of equal opportunity, inclusiveness and self-reflection.

We internally commit to the following key actions:

- Ongoing external auditing on our internal practices and regular workshops with our dedicated ED&I consultant Can?Did! HR

- Empowering our clients to demonstrate progressive leadership and a commitment to D&I

- Breathing life into our values as a company, ensuring our environment is characterised by equality of respect and opportunity

- Continuing to anonymously collect and monitor data around our talent pool to ensure we are always attracting a broad and diverse range of exceptional talent from all areas of society

- Ensuring our evaluation process minimises any opportunity for unconscious bias by continuing to assess candidates on measurable objectives

We invite you to understand more about how, collectively, The SportsReadyList is going to change the shape of Sport forevermore. Click here to learn more

Darren Simmons, Managing Director - The Executives In Sport Group
January, 2021

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