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Location, Location, Location!


Location, Location, Location!

Posted on 5/09/2017 by Dan Reeves


Go big or go home! This is the famous advice doled out in compelling harmony by alt-rock band American Authors, among many others. It’s advice the investors and creators of the T-Mobile Arena certainly seem to have taken to heart. Iconic Las Vegas Strip’s newest kid on the block, the Arena has already hosted some of the top global sporting events in its’ short 18-month existence.

The Arena was originally built to attract big US sports league favourites such as the NBA and NHL, since these leagues have started to soften their stance on gambling.

However, the appeal doesn’t end with these stadium-style sports events. A number of boxing events have already taken advantage of what is fast becoming one of the Strip’s most prestigious fight venues. And it looks like it’s latest scoop is set to seal the Arena’s spot at the top of the pecking order.

On the 26th of August, the shiny new T-Mobile Arena played host to the year’s most highly anticipated fight in years: the showdown between boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and UFC Superstar Conor McGregor.

The  Daily Mail offers an insight into the brand new venue’s meteoric success:

‘The attraction is obvious. At 20,000 seats, split over five levels, the arena outdoes traditional Vegas boxing venues by around four thousand. It is also bigger than the MGM Grand Garden Arena, opened in 1993, where Mayweather has fought his last 12 contests.’


The success becomes easier to understand when you consider that MGM is a 50% partner. OnlineMail sports journalist Andy Warren explains the T-Mobile Arena ‘was built to ensure Las Vegas remains at the forefront of innovation.’

What is fascinating to note is how the T-Mobile Arena has shaped up in Las Vegas at a time when so many sporting arenas are being redesigned, rebuilt, or developed from scratch.

At Executives in Sport Group, we’ve been heavily involved in staffing Liverpool Football Club’s new main stand - every role from  construction to day-to-day operations. One thing that’s clear is that sporting teams are looking to “sweat the asset” more than ever before, and offer world class fan experience.

A key part of this has been to bring experts in from outside of sport, from high footfall customer-centric organisations such as airports, theme parks and major shopping centres.



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