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The road to Rio & out again! High Performance in focus.


The road to Rio & out again! High Performance in focus.

Posted on 6/08/2016 by Darren Simmons


So Team GB’s medal ambitions have been unveiled by soon to depart Director of Performance, Simon Timson, the planes have left the runway (And the Daily Mail’s Charlie Sale reliably informs that it’s economy class all the way for the Team GB stars) and we’re all looking forward to Rio 2016, with relative confidence that if we’re watching on TV / listening on the radio we’ve only got a 0.00000037% chance of picking up the Zika virus!

Whilst the Executives In Sport Group team are excited about the chance to watch 756 Gold medals being won over 77 days, we’re also keen to identify and engage with the very best Performance Directors plying their trade in Rio. We work closely, and exclusively, with a number of Team GB sports with ambitious Rio targets, and talent retention / mapping is definitely on the agenda despite being knee deep in preparation for the Olympic Games.

We're currently engaged on three consultancy projects for Team GB sports looking to crystallise what their organisations will look like post Rio, with a key focus on the role of Performance Director. Friend of The Executives In Sport Group, Matthew Syed, writes eloquently about the drive and determination needed to win Olympic Gold, but even more poignantly, gave real insight into the loss of focus when you wake up the morning after winning gold,  It’s clear that post Rio a number of Performance Directors, and key supporting cast will take a deep breath and ask “what’s next?” One four year Olympic cycle complete, do they now commit to another four years in the same sport, or look for new challenges?

Increasingly we’re seeing Performance / Sporting Directors crossing codes. A true definition of their role is continually debated but in organisations who believe a Performance Director sets strategy, culture and builds technical teams in sports science, medicine and psychology, the need to have an intricate knowledge of one specific sport is becoming less critical. Yes, there’ll always be the argument that Sir Clive Woodward didn’t quite make the transition into football with Southampton a roaring success, but he did put in place some of the core building blocks that have so impressively been taken forward by the likes of Les Reed, making Southampton’s Marchwood training centre and academy the envy of football clubs worldwide.

If you’re in the High Performance team of a Team GB / Olympic Sport we’d love to hear from you and help you to map your path out of Rio 2016 and onwards.



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