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Quality from the top down


Quality from the top down

Posted on 21/08/2015 by Darren Simmons



The Executives In Sport Group was delighted to add experience to the squad with the signing of Chairman Nick Watkins. Here, Nick explains his role and what he brings to the team..

“I’ve worked in executive search and performed a lot of high-profile senior executive sporting appointments, so The Executives In Sport Group seemed the perfect fit,” Nick explains. “A number of people had contacted me with similar propositions given my background in search, but I felt Darren had a much more detailed knowledge of the recruitment business, plus an encyclopedic knowledge around football. Darren displays a great deal of creative thought and flare around not just what services he is offering, but also the manner in which he aims to market them.

“With executive search/coaching and strategy management experience, and having enjoyed five years running a professional football club, it made sense to collaborate with Darren. However, it wasn’t until we discussed a project that I had been involved with, which involved helping to turn around a life sciences pharmaceuticals recruitment company in London, that we decided to team up and relaunch Football Executives as The Executives In Sport Group, with me as Chairman.

“I think I tick a number of boxes. The seniority and experience I have in business means I can act as a compass and guide the company through various stages of growth. I’m also able to initiate a professional framework, including strategy and business plan, and set key objectives for the senior management team. I’m also here to challenge strategic moves and ask questions about what it is The Executives In Sport Group wants to do.

“The other part of my role ventures into people management and supporting Darren in the management, motivation and development of not only himself as the business leader, but also his team. They will hopefully all benefit from my support and attention to their personal development.

“Finally, having grey hair – or no hair – adds balance to the profile of the organisation. People can see that Darren has assembled not just a team of very competent, capable people on research and new business development, but that he’s also got a seasoned business figure as chairman. This enables him to go meetings with someone boasting a little more seniority, which will no doubt prove advantageous as we try and take the business into ‘the promised land’.”

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