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Hitmarker & The Executives In Sport Group join forces

Hitmarker and The Executives In Sport Group combine forces to serve the UK and European esports market

Hitmarker, the home of gaming and esports jobs, today announces a strategic partnership with leading executive search firm The Executives in Sports Group to deliver unparalleled talent solutions to the gaming, esports, and sports industries in the UK and Europe.  

Through this partnership, Hitmarker will harness The Executives In Sport Group’s world-class search techniques and extensive experience as its official search partner for the next wave of talent in entry, mid-level, executive and leadership roles in esports and gaming in the British and European markets. 

Serving the top end of the talent market, this partnership will ensure best reach to the widest possible pool of relevant talent, who can make a real difference to a company’s culture, legacy, and ROI in a process that’s tried and tested with 100% success at many of the world’s leading sports companies.

“We’re passionate about doing everything we can to support the UK and European esports and gaming markets, but we’re also mindful of overextending ourselves at this early stage in our company’s development, which is why this partnership with The Executives in Sport Group is so crucial,” commented Richard Huggan, Managing Director of Hitmarker. “EISG will allow us to serve every level of the hiring market with a best-in-class solution and will bring more quality employment opportunities to everybody in our region that’s looking to enter and advance in our space.” 

“We’re seeing a real upwards trend of professionals from traditional sports backgrounds now making the move into the world of esports, showing that things are now clearly at a point where people recognise esports as a huge opportunity and an industry that’s here to stay,” added Darren Simmons, Managing Director of The Executives In Sport Group. “We’re also starting to see more and more esports professionals making moves within the sector and, as such, the talent is becoming broader across the industry.”

About Hitmarker

Hitmarker ( is the home of gaming and esports jobs and now the world’s largest gaming jobs platform. It provides candidates with a feed of constantly updated listings and companies access to an unrivaled pool of talented people who love the industry. The company’s mission is to make the hiring process as smooth and personable as possible for job hunters and employers alike. Hitmarker was founded in May 2017 and has now grown into an eleven-person operation based out of Newcastle upon Tyne in the north of England.


About Executives In Sport Group 

The Executives In Sport Group ( helps the world’s best sports, media, and esports businesses transform through access to top talent on a global scale. Its world-class executive search solution is designed to find the leaders who will make a seismic difference to culture and deliver on long-term goals. As the preferred recruitment partner to many of the world’s leading sports companies, EISG’s services ensure clients have access to the very best emerging talent through to senior leaders and non-executives.


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