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About Us

We solve sports recruitment challenges and help the world of sport to become more open and interconnected.
Every day is different. That’s because we try not to do what has already been done.

We’re renowned for our fresh and innovative approach to talent and we work with smart and imaginative people on challenging and inspiring projects.

Working with us is fast, it’s fun, it’s creative.

Meet the team


Darren Simmons


Darren co-founded Executives In Sport and manages the business whilst overseeing all client projects. He takes a lead role in senior search assignments and previously worked in journalism and sports PR. Ensuring a first-class service for clients, his competitiveness is legendary, to the point of visiting the office whilst on holiday to defend his table tennis championship.


Nicholas Watkins


Nicholas Watkins was an early pioneer of multi flexible careers, he is your genuine career hitchhiker. After seven years in the Merchant Navy he built a successful business career, in the media, music, sports and senior executive search industries. He now deploys his unique bandwidth of experience in the capacity of leadership coach, business mentor and strategy advisor to a broad range of companies.


Dan Reeves

Associate Director

Dan is an experienced Associate Director with a particular focus on Marketing, Technology and Operational roles within sport. A keen Rugby and Motorsport fan, he leads our major projects team when a number of people are required at once, often involving the creation of assessment centres on client sites and behavioural profiling. Outside of work he’s a keen Kayaker with a fear of flying!


Davey Blofield

Head of Research

Davey is Head of Research, tasked with hunting for the very best talent across sport and the wider business world. Relentless in his pursuit, if you haven’t had a call from Davey, you probably will do at some stage! The love of his life is Manchester United, and he’s recently completed his MSc in Sports Management and is using his newly found spare time to get on his bike, and regularly lose his wallet!


We’re a tight-knit team of consultants who are passionate about sport. We work tirelessly to find great jobs for great people and solve our client’s business challenges. When it all comes together it makes the blood, sweat and tears worthwhile!

Our clients tell us they like us as we’re friendly, helpful, informative and serious when we need to be, and genuinely innovative when it comes to talent identification. We’re constantly striving to improve our service and exceed expectations.

An honest, open and approachable team, we believe in having fun at work and each member of the team has significant responsibility. We have a brilliant office environment, with table football, screwball scramble, table tennis and unlimited sweets!

We also offer flexible hours, team bonding sessions, extensive training, great benefits and the latest IT systems to make your life as simple as possible.

Just come in, work hard, and succeed!

If this sound like something you'd like to be part of please get in touch!


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