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Marketing Manager in Hampshire

Marketing Manager

Marketing Managers are the key to every sports organisations communications; creating and delivering content and managing relationships with sponsors, fans and other key stakeholders to satisfy their needs for your service. Getting the word out is a marketer’s primary focus and they distribute the required message to the market through the most relevant channels including the organisations website and social media networks. 

Marketing Managers will typically have come through the marketing ranks to reach this level, often from a marketing or business-related degree progressing to executive and on to manager level and likely from a sports marketing background although this is not always essential. Marketing Managers have a strategic mind and need to look one step ahead to ensure they take the brand to market in the most appropriate way. Marketing has both a creative and analytical side to it, with Marketing Managers often having to make decisions on copywriting, imagery and creative direction for the good of the brand. Analytically marketing roles have a strong focus on data and statistics to analyse the performance of any particular output, be that a website, social media posts, blogs.... the list is unending! 

At manager level in the marketing space, marketers also need to have good skills in budgeting. Often setting out their yearly marketing budget and arranging all marketing activity to fall within this whilst giving the brand the level of exposure and interaction that is required for its success. Whilst not a sales-based profession, it is closely linked with sales teams- ultimately without marketers how would anyone know what products and services the organisation have to offer?

Key sought-after skills within marketing are:

  • Digital marketing

    • Understanding of SEO and Google Analytics

    • Social media

    • PPC campaign experience

  • Fan engagement

  • Content writing

  • Partnership/Campaign Activation

  • CRM management

  • Email marketing